Feel Free to Ignore These Sound Bites, after Day 1 of the NFL Draft

Malcolm Brown: “New England needed a power player in the middle, and this kid makes a ton of sense. He will take over for Vince Wilfork.” cbssports.com. (Mel Kuiper said something similar.)

Wilfork plays nose guard and tips the scales somewhere north of 8 Phillip Dorsetts. Malcolm Brown got trampled in the run game at the University of Texas. In what world does Brown slide into Wilfork’s spot?

Bud Dupree (who drew an “A+” grade): “The Steelers had to get a young pass rusher, and they had to be shocked to see this kid still available here.” cbssports.com.

And: “The Steelers had to be thrilled that a top pass rusher (Bud Dupree) fell to them.” Gregg Rosenthal, NFL.com.

The Steelers probably should have picked someone with a history of pass rush success. Dupree will find a place for himself on the field because of his athleticism, size, and short area burst. But he’s a project as a pass rusher, make no mistake.

Melvin Gordon III: “On Thursday night the Chargers made sure they had a three-down running back ….” Gregg Rosenthal, NFL.com.

Gordon had about a trillion carries at Wisconsin. Know how many receptions he had? Twenty-two. Nineteen of those were this year. If he plays on third down in the NFL (over Danny Woodhead, an exceptional third-down option), it will be a total evolution for this player.


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