Chargers-Seahawks Takeaways

A few thoughts on the Chargers’ second preseason contest:
• Seattle reminded us that the quick passing and draw game, not some all-world offensive line, saved Phillip Rivers from a pounding last year. The Chargers’ front was embarrassed by the ‘Hawks defensive linemen at times on Friday.
• Kellen Clemens cannot read a defense like Phillip Rivers (How many mortals can?), but he gets the ball out in a hurry with some zip on it. He is having a late-career resurgence.
• Speaking of resurgences, Malcolm Floyd caught several balls in traffic the other night. He looks out to prove that there is more to his game than the go route…
• Anyone paying attention sees that Manti Te’o has serious limitations in his game (even when he is on the field). He has never used his hands effectively, and with a suspect defensive line in front of him, he has seen too many linemen with a clean release on him. He routinely gets beat to the edge, too: Friday night, it was Robert Turbin and Russell Wilson in the same series. Not exactly Darren Sproles, either of them. Te’o is a modest downhill thumper with a mounting injury history. Players who fit that description don’t last long in the NFL.
• Jerry Attaochu continues to show he is an athletic freak – including lightning quickness of the snap and astonishing speed chasing the play – even as he consistently misses assignments…
• With Manti Te’o out for awhile and Dwight Freeney’s reps limited, next man up in the outside linebacker rotation may be Tourek Williams. And for good reason. He has heavy hands but quick reactions in the run game, and plays with good discipline. He’s an underrated pass rusher, too.
• Brandon Ghee probably makes the 53-man roster. Though the Bolts are suddenly flush with replacement-level-or-better cornerbacks, Ghee has more length than his peers. The Chargers will want that flexibility when facing bigger wideouts.


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