2014 NFL Draft: Mid-First Round Thoughts

Popular sentiment has largely prevailed. The names you know landed in the top 10. The three highly-touted offensive tackles went early. A mixed quarterback class has mostly sat and waited.

Blake Bortles has a lot of athletic talent. He has to learn a pro-style offense, though, and his inaccuracy presents a problem that will be tough to overcome. David Caldwell was so measured in his approach to last year’s draft, I wonder if Shahid Khan had input into this pick.

The Bills trade two first round picks for a wide receiver — in a draft full of wide receivers? Bizarre.

Steelers management has struggled to land good players in recent years. Reaches by other teams threw Ryan Shazier into their lap, and they didn’t mess it up. He will pay off. Note: sportsthink was one of the few analysts to put Shazier ahead of C.J. Mosley on his board.

No precedent in NFL history for transforming an unpolished athlete into a top pass rusher. What makes a team like the Vikings think they can do it with Anthony Barr?

C.J. Mosley is a great fit in Baltimore. A disciplined, downhill thumper that can drop into underneath coverage will fill a lot of needs on that defense. He’ll play two and possibly three downs. I also think it also represents a referendum on Arthur Brown, who wasn’t the talent many thought.


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