Back that Pass Up

Some thoughts on how the Chargers’ back-ups looked in Preseason Week 1

• The young defensive linemen stole the show: Damik Scafe, in particular, really pushed people around and got after the quarterback; Kwame Geathers looks like he has the functional strength to be an asset in a nose tackle rotation; Frank Beltre and Tourek Williams both made their share of plays.
• Steve Williams looks like he will play considerable downs for this team sooner rather than later. He can stick with NFL receivers and contests every pass that comes his way.
• Combine Fozzy Whittaker and Michael Hill, and you might have a decent, if undersized, “one-cut-and-go” back: Hill can make the cut, and Whittaker has the ‘go.’ (Both are probably destined for the practice squad once Danny Woodhead returns to health, though.)
• Brad Sorensen. ‘Nuff said.

*Max Starks would make the list, but he doesn’t qualify: he will be playing with the first team offensive line soon enough, I’m confident.

• Charlie Whitehurst. Give him credit: he continued to get back under center after a number of tough licks. He also chewed out Robert Meachem for giving up on a ball when he could have prevented an interception. But Whitehurst caused some of his own pain: he holds onto the ball far too long.
• Offensive line. If the youngsters filling out the second-team O-line are ever pressed into service, it could spell bad things for Rivers. I fear the Bolts need a crafty waiver-wire pickup or a trade for a veteran.
• Manti Te’o had a rough night, even before he got hurt. He looked fooled on a play action and out of position on several other plays.


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