1970s Chargers’ training room

Is that where Malcolm Gladwell called into the BS Report from?

Here I was, all set to recommend the Nate Silver/Malcolm Gladwell episode to people I respect, and then Gladwell started ranting about how under-used PEDs are in professional sports (at least, he qualifies, when it comes to recovering from injury…).

In answer to Gladwell’s question, “Why don’t we let players use PEDs to recover from injuries?!”, we started off doing that, then athletes/trainers/coaches discovered that it didn’t just help them ‘recover’ from injuries, but also helped them recover from mammoth weightlifting sessions. Rinse, lather, repeat, and Barry Bonds is slapping liners into McCovey Cove once every five at bats. This is what’s commonly called a “line-drawing problem” or “slippery slope” in grad school.

As an aside, I also found myself troubled by the refrain “I can get X medicine prescribed by the doctor!” You can get a lot of things prescribed that, if abused, have horrifying consequences for the human body. If we could trust A-Rod to use steroids and HGH to recover from hip surgery, we might have a different case on our hands. Do you trust A-rod, Malcom?!


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