Four Players That Will Be Drafted Earlier Than You Expect

Anyone keeping one (both?) eye(s) on NFL Draft news the past week or so has witnessed a revelation.  The media has acknowledged that the supposed rising or falling of a player’s draft stock is not so much a function of NFL teams’ change of heart, but rather a function of the media catching up to what teams have thought for months. That’s right: the media has outed the media. This hurts my brain a little, almost like one of those funhouse mirrors that shows your image, with you behind it, with you behind that, off into the distance so far that you can’t really see the last yourself.

With that said, here’s four players that really pop on tape, but aren’t getting enough love in the run up to the draft.  My sense is the media (does that include me?  Okay brain hurting again…) hasn’t caught onto them yet, and they will go a lot higher than anyone outside a war room is expecting.

Zach Ertz (TE, Stanford) — The Jason Witten comparisons are legitimate.  Don’t think 32 tight-end hungry teams will let him slip out of the first-round. (Even the Patriots are probably game to add another one!)

Da’Rick Rogers (WR, Tennessee Tech) — He looked like a legitimate NFL slot receiver on his game film from Tennessee, with one exception: he’s 6’3”!  All the behavioral issues in the world won’t stop some general manager from taking a chance on that kind of talent in the second round.

Keenan Allen (WR, California) — It only takes one team to convince themselves that his knee problems are behind him, and they have the next TJ Housmanzadah on their hands.

Matt Scott (QB, Arizona) — In a much-maligned quarterback class, how many teams can possibly pass on talent like his?  He might be the cream of the 2013 crop before all is said and done.

The Truth.

Matt Scott watching his own game tape: “I thought everyone said this is a down year for quarterback prospects.”


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