“Franchise Quarterback”? Did Bucky Brooks really have to go there?

I just read Bucky Brooks’s scouting report on one Mike Glennon.  Although Brooks describes a quarterback with the accuracy of Andrew Luck and the leadership qualities of Drew Brees, the sportsthink Research Department informs me that, yes, this is the same player I reviewed yesterday.

Both of these guys better get used to looking up at Mike Glennon.

Both of these guys better get used to looking up at Mike Glennon.

I like Bucky Brooks.  He’s professional and, more importantly, seems like a genuinely nice guy. He also established himself in a number of roles for NFL teams and the NFL Network.

One note as you read Brooks’s article: Bucky watched Glennon play North Carolina — pretty uniforms, but not the most successful pass defense in the NCAA in 2012. (Note: Brooks posted a similar article recently, for which he reviewed more film on Glennon.)  Readers should take a glance at a few of the other stat lines Glennon has posted over the past few years.  His numbers, and the corresponding game tape, don’t always look so pretty.

To make the analysis more quantitative, I spent some (read: far too much) time doing a more involved comparison between Glennon and several current and future NFL signal callers.  Lets just say it doesn’t paint the picture of Glennon as a “franchise quarterback,” to quote Bucky.


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