More penny-pinching Pats (and a dose of truth for Bill Barnwell)

“Most people are loath to give up on something good until it’s been proven that a once-productive player can no longer perform at the same level. That’s understandable, but it’s a terrible way to run a football team. Belichick knows that, and he’s spent 13 years moving on from players at exactly the right time.”

— Bill Barnwell


I really hate to pick on the guy, but it bears pointing out when someone speaks with such confidence and yet is so frequently wrong.  Barnwell makes useful commentary on football.  He also knows advanced football metrics way better than I could ever hope to.  But he suggests in the above-quoted article — as far as I could tell, without any inside knowledge on which to base his claim — that the Patriots favored Danny Amendola over Wes Welker, and intentionally chose the former over the latter for the position of 2013 Patriots slot receiver.


And then Robert Kraft said this today.


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