Draft Prospect Watch: Kansas State Seniors

A couple of late-round-to-fringe prospects that showed up in modest doses leading up to and during the Fiesta Bowl

Braden Wilson can flat out block.  The guy never seems to lose his balance or his feet – even, at one point, when Oregon threw the Kansas State guard back into his lap on a lead play.  He also plays upback on the punt team.  He so rarely makes the film that it’s hard to judge his entire body of work, but he seems to have pretty soft hands and can move for a fullback.  He can stick as an NFL fullback, and should go on the third day sometime.

Chris Harper reminds me too much of Anquan Boldin not to wonder if he makes an NFL roster. He shows pretty good hands, decent body position, enough speed, and of course great strength for a receiver.  His game film also suffers from Kansas State’s run-first approach.  Scouts with the time to evaluate all of his footage (particularly his speed) may in fact have him graded even higher than I do.  Is middle of the third day too much to expect?

Travis Tannahill’s girlfriend may not star in “Hard Knocks” next year.  But I have to ask: if there’s a place for Scott Chandler in the NFL, is there no place for Tannahill on an NFL roster?  Hard nosed blocking and after the catch.


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