Pete Carroll: “Up with Replacement Refs!”

The Falcons and Cardinals are the class of the League?

The Seahawks and 49ers have the restored the luster to downtrodden franchises?

The Pats and Packers are under .500?

Bill Bellichick nearly decapitated a zebra, and Pete Carroll (see below) looked like he wanted to high five one as if he had just completed a minute-long keg stand, all within 24 hours?

We have had more controversy in three weeks than Rex Ryan, Tim Tebow, and the New York media could generate in an entire offseason of backhanded compliments and ridiculous gaffes?


And people want to do away with these replacement refs?!  (See ESPN; Rick Reilly; whatever; don’t get me started; and Mike Lombardi, of all people)


I, for one, love the new NFL.


(Thoughts on the last few weeks of Chargers football, and recent game action more generally, forthcoming…)



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