Chargers’ O-Line Addition

I like the addition of Reggie Wells. I haven’t watched tape yet, but it screams solid addition. A couple of reasons why:

  • Stability: The defining characteristic of the 2012 offensive line has been its constant state of flux.  Veterans retired and un-retired. An anchor at left tackle signed a mammoth extension and promptly threw out his back the first day of practice. Rookies displaced veterans. Young returnees took on roles way above their talent or experience level.  This line needed some stability, a player with a track record of good performance. Wells brings that.
  • Resume: The Packers front office thought he was worth a look. That’s a pretty good endorsement these days.
  • Versatility: Wells has experience at guard and may step in at left tackle in a pinch. The Chargers need help at both.

Good job, AJ.


Update: Watched a bit of footage on Wells from his last full season as a starter, 2009.  In sum, his play then (his peak?) looks like a decent complement to Louis Vasquez.  Nimble and uses hands well in pass protection, although missed the rare assignment. Solid, but rarely pushed the pile in run blocking.  Played his guts out to keep Kurt Warner off the turf, even when the blocking scheme broke down a bit; by contrast, seemed to know he couldn’t make it to the second level on run plays, and sometimes let up before the whistle.  Doesn’t seem to miss much time with injury.  Norv seemed to confirm most of this in his review of Wells’s first practice.


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