Jaguars stink. Go ‘Hawks!

Jacksonville looked terrible tonight, with the first team getting extended reps against Baltimore’s starters.  They could go into their bye 0-5 — and their schedule is not necessarily the toughest in the League.

MJD will not solve all this team’s problems (just the running game).  But it is worth noting that this potential League-worst franchise refuses to pay the NFL’s rushing leader a little extra, while considerably more successful franchises like Baltimore and Chicago are paying their backs twice what MJD makes.

(I recognize that (a) running backs don’t play forever, and (b) MJD has already played out three more lucrative years under this deal. But I think MJD would accept three years at $24 million to play until he’s thirty, and that really wouldn’t be such a poor investment for this putrid team.)

On another note, the Seahawks will contend for the playoffs this year. I don’t buy the Russell Wilson hype: at best, he will show himself to be a 2nd-round kind of talent — and how many teams want a 2nd-rounder starting as their QB?  (All deference to Drew Brees…)  I do buy a team with a good defense against run and pass, a dependable running game, and a quarterback that makes his share of smart plays.  I bet Flynn goes on the road and commits three turnovers at least once this year; I also bet he makes enough accurate throws, including some down the field, to keep the defense honest and let Marshawn do his thing. They could go 3-1 out of the box; surprise some teams on the road during their tough stretch (think SF, Det); and they have a cushy set of games down the stretch.


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