Bucky Brooks has found his calling

I have always struggled to take anything away from Bucky Brooks’s commentary on NFL.com. He usually evaluates prospects. He has experience as both a player and talent scout, but he never really seems to provide much more than cliche critiques: OT’s are “nimble, athletic big man”; OGs are “road-grader types”; RBs show “good vision” and “another gear”; etc.  His assessments are unfailingly positive, too.  These tendencies seem to combine to provide the layperson with relatively little information that would helpfully distinguish one player from another.


And then he found the teleprompter.  The guy can really dissect your average messy NFL play and explain what each individual player is doing that nets a successful (or, alternatively, poor…although he doesn’t seem to have gotten that far yet) result on that down.


(Brooks seems particularly good at describing the battles between receivers and the defensive secondary.  Because it seems like the natural thing to do, I will chalk this up to his experience as a receiver himself…)


That was viewing pleasure!


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