Agent Speak

“Dwight’s position has remained unchanged since the end of this past season,” said Dan Fegan of LaGardere Unlimited. “He fully intends to explore free agency at the end of next season, regardless of what team trades for him, including Brooklyn.”  — as reported by ESPN.


Dwight Howard’s agent is lying — just so we’re clear.  A basketball player’s choice of where to play can only really come down to two fundamental factors: money and team.  Dwight Howard determined the “money” component years ago when he morphed into a shot-blocking hulk: he will get the maximum salary allowed by the collective bargaining agreement and as many perks as he wants. (I use the term “money” loosely to include all conditions of employment.) Dwight’s decision turns on the second factor, team. He will go to the right team (with the right management in place, teammates, marketing opportunities, nightlife, et al.).

So his agent has to be lying when he claims that he wants to explore free agency regardless of which team he’s traded to — because if he’s traded to the right team, there’s no other decisions to be made.



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